What is Graphene coating and benefits?

Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Films are certainly a dynamic duo when combined – hydrophobicity, impact resistance, UV protection, and an enhanced look.

So if you are looking for the absolute best in class protection, we recommend getting a Ceramic Coating done over a PPF. Yes, it will be more expensive. But hey if you own a luxury vehicle and intend to keep it protected and shining all the time, it doesn’t get better than this.

The Best of Both Worlds: Coverage Options

If scratch protection is extremely important to you but don’t want to burn a hole through your pocket, there is an alternative solution. It is Coverage Options. 

PPFs can be applied to the most vulnerable portions of your vehicle that will be exposed to scratches from road debris like rock chips. These areas include the front bumper, fenders, bonet, and side mirrors. Once these impact-susceptible areas have been protected with PPF, your whole car can be then coated with a Ceramic Coating. 

If you are still confused on what level of protection to get, just get in touch with your nearest Details masters and we will help you choose the best protection options based on YOUR NEED.