About Us


Detail masters is a reputable automobile detailing franchise business brand in India that provides incomparable services and goods of international standards. With our creative services and high-quality products, we aim for excellence by anticipating our customers’ demands. As a result, we’re looking for passionate individuals who can proudly carry on the company’s tradition. India’s leading Opti coat (permanent ceramic coating for automobiles) company is Detail Masters. Car Detailing, Opti Coat, Steam Car Wash, Car Dry Cleaning, Car Polishing, and Paint Protection are our specialties.

Over the last decade, Detail Masters has played a significant role in the automotive industry. We excel at the art of detailing and aim to provide the best service possible. The Detail Masters are exclusive to our Premium Clientele and provide an advantage over ordinary car washes. We provide detailed cleaning services as well as products such as ultrashieldX, Paint Protection Film, Clarity Coat, Ceramic Coating, and a wide range of other options that continue to draw customers.

Detail masters is working for all automotive industry which gives opportunity to drive a new car every day specially we focus on paint protection for all the vehicles. After Research and understanding the interest of Automotive lover towards care and protection of their vehicle which resulted in establishment of Detailed Master Private Limited where the vehicle of customers is treated with full care and best technology we value our customer that’s why we provide special training in complete back and support to franchise model


We believe that each vehicle should be treated with care in order to achieve the best possible result for the vehicle. We give the greatest services and believe in providing quality to our customers.Detail masters outperform the competition by providing intricate details and a sharp eye for excellence. Whether it’s a Chevrolet, BMW, or Mercedes, you can count on us to treat you with respect and outstanding treatment in every element of the product and service.


Detail Master brings you a wide choice of automobile care products from the greatest firms across the world, most of whom collaborate with companies that specialise on making high-quality products. Combining the knowledge with innovation and technology resulted in a product that was more than just the best presentation and protection. It’s a competitive world out there, and making a lasting impression is crucial for establishing long-term business relationships, thus our primary goal is to give the best car maintenance solutions available in the Indian market.


Detail master’s since its beginning has growing with its popularity in India. We provide a franchise with complete support.