Ceramic Coating

The Detail Masters performs ceramic coating and detailing. A bike and a car require much more patience to detail. Bike enthusiasts expect the best from their rides and seek for high-end goods like Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, Nano Coating, and Clarity Coat.
Detail Masters deals in protective coating with a 24-month lifespan called Ceramic Pro Light has a high gloss finish, an exceptional super hydrophobic effect, chemical resistance, UV resistance, thermal resistance, and anti-graffiti properties.

Why to go for Ceramic Coating

The #3pH system by #Labocosmetica works on all kinds of filth and impurities, decontaminating automobile paint and eradicating all mineral salts, road grime, limestone, acid rain residues, and chemical contaminants. These are often invisible to the human eye and cause colour fading, which reduces the effectiveness of the car’s previous protection. The #3pH system employs a novel technique based on the pH of each of our products to remove dirt and impurities in an efficient and targeted manner while preventing corrosion of the previously used protective products. These solutions are certified to assure safe usage even on fragile paints and surfaces, so they are also risk-free to use. A professional 3pH or ceramic wash is required because of the roads and climate fluctuations in India.